Hello there!


Available for employment within Europe – relocation possible – no telecommuting, please.

Major areas of expertise

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of UX matters.
  • Front-end design and coding.
  • JavaScript (object-oriented).
  • Bootstrap toolkit.
  • Drupal 7 and 8.
  • PHP.
  • Online and offline layout.
  • Most software from the complete Adobe suite.

I am neither a classic coder nor a designer, I act across traditional boundaries. My principle of software development is that functionality is useless as long as its intended users are not capable of using it. Software needs to be appealing to users.
I am familiar with all kinds of software development tools, toolkits, libraries etc. and I strive for writing clean code. Although I am far from perfect, I am capable of getting accustomed to new technical environments quickly.

For a code sample, see the Insert module I rewrote from scratch for Drupal 8.


Henning Snater
Pfaffengasse 5
97486 Königsberg

hallo [ at ] snater.com

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